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Medik8 facials are professional facial treatments that use skincare products from the Medik8 brand. Medik8 is a skincare brand that focuses on developing high-quality, effective, and scientifically-backed products that are designed to improve skin health and address various skin concerns.

During a Medik8 facial, your trained skincare professional will assess your skin type and concerns. The treatment may include a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and massage techniques using Medik8 products.

The specific products used in the facial will depend on your skin type and concerns, but they may include ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid, which are known to be beneficial for the skin.

Overall, Medik8 facials are designed to nourish, hydrate, and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it looking and feeling healthier and more radiant.


Glowing Facial (60min) £65.00

Our signature facial. A true treatment innovation delivering visible and immediate rejuvenating results. Platinum powder and haritaki superfruit are blended with lifting polysaccharides to visibly plump and firm skin, revealing a more youthful and radiant looking complexion.

Deep Hydrating Facial (60 min) £65.00

A multi-level hydration treatment delivering intense nourishment for dry, thirsty skin. The nutrient-rich mask floods skin with moisture to help plump dehydration lines and revive suppleness. Skin is left soft to the touch, intensively hydrated and healthy-looking.

Calming Facial (60 min) £65.00

A professional treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised, irritated skin. The unique application of the calming bio-cellulose mask enriched with zinc and hyaluronic acid caresses the face to restore comfort levels. Feelings of tightness and inflammation disappear revealing visibly calm, even and radiant skin.

Purifying Back Ritual (45min) £48.00

A comprehensive back treatment to brighten and add clarity. Powerful exfoliation and natural clays work in harmony to reveal smoother, clearer skin. Targeted deep tissue massage techniques deliver an intense blend of lavender and petitgrain essential oils to dissolve muscle tension and ease the mind.

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· Retinols or harsh exfoliators such as glycolic acids or salicylic acids including topical and oral capsules one week before

· Discontinue the use of sunbeds one week before treatment

· Avoid excessive Alcohol or caffeine on the day of treatment

· Discontinue the use of Roaccutane 6 months prior to treatment

· Discontinue the use of Lymecycline 4 weeks prior to treatment

· Discontinue taking Anti-Biotics or Steroids one week prior to treatment

· Discontinue the use of skin thinning cream, gel, or lotion one week prior to treatment

· Arrive without make up or fake tan on the area being treated

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· Avoid wearing make up for 24-48 hours

· Wear mineral based make up to avoid breakouts

· Adopt a good homecare regime (this can be discussed with your therapist)

· Wear an SPF during the day

· Do not clean your face until the following morning after the treatment

· Use a 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase and ditch the cotton, this will help keep any breakouts to a minimum and keep your skin hydrated

· Drink plenty of water and stay clear of fried and processed foods

· Schedule your next appointment for 4 weeks’ time

· Avoid touching your face post treatment

· You can return to using chemical exfoliants 48 hours post treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I have this treatment done?
When can I apply make up after the procedure?
What will this procedure help with?
Can under 18s have this procedure?
Can you have this procedure done whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

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