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Gel Overlay, Fibre Glass

Beautiful hands have always been part of our grooming ritual since ancient times. Women love to accessorize their hands and take care of nails. In ancient Egypt, long nails were symbolic of status and wealth. In current times, beautiful nails are part of your personality, but not everyone is blessed with strong, beautiful nails.

Nail extension are a way to get those lovely, beautiful nails. Nail extension roughly means adding an artificial tip to your original nail end to give it length. It then gets covered with gel, or fiberglass. A nail can also be formed on your natural nail; in this process no tip is used. This for

Full Set £45.00
infill £32.00
Nail Extension Pedicure £45.00
+ Nail Art £8.00
+ French Tint
+ Big Toe Extension (one) £5.00

Gel nail extensions are a type of nail enhancement that involves applying a gel-like substance to the natural nails to extend their length and add strength and durability. Unlike traditional acrylic nail extensions, which use a liquid and powder mixture, gel extensions are applied in layers of a gel-like substance that is cured under a UV or LED light.

Gel nail extensions can last up to three weeks or more with proper care and maintenance. They can be filled in as the natural nails grow out, allowing them to last even longer. Gel extensions are popular among people who want a natural-looking, long-lasting manicure that is resistant to chipping and peeling.


Fiberglass nail extensions are a type of artificial nail that is made using thin layers of fiberglass material. These extensions are applied to the natural nail to add length and strength, and they can be used to create a variety of nail shapes and designs.

To apply fiberglass nail extensions, the natural nail is first cleaned and prepared. A small piece of fiberglass material is then cut to size and applied to the nail using a special adhesive. The process is repeated with additional layers of fiberglass until the desired thickness and strength is achieved.

Fiberglass nail extensions are lightweight and flexible, and they can be shaped and filed just like natural nails. They can also be painted and decorated with nail polish and other nail art.

Overall, fiberglass nail extensions are a popular choice for people who want to add length and strength to their nails without using traditional acrylic or gel nail extensions. They can provide a more natural and comfortable alternative that is easy to maintain and long-lasting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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